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Founded in 2020, when the entire world was more or less on pause, I set out my Starter Board journey. I had just moved back home and taken the “Vande Bharat” evacuation mission out of Canada, leaving behind not only my friends but also my apartment, 4 years of junk, clothing, and my Undergraduate degree. I somehow made my way home and re-adjusted to “real life” with my degree in Digital Enterprise Management and a desire to create something of my own that would last, regardless of a pandemic.


Starter Board is my attempt at bringing people close again. It’s an assortment of delicious food hoping to remind people of the importance of taking a breath in, and enjoying not only cheese and crackers, but also those who matter. Starter Board caters to those looking for effortless hosting, personalized gifting, and food to make any occasion memorable.


I might have launched Starter Board in days where the idea of socializing was tough, but the spirit and vision of Starter Board stay the same – To connect with those around us. Whether virtually (like my graduation) or in-person.

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