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“I was fascinated when Taanvi spoke about Charcuterie boards- heard about it for the first time. She was so committed to quality that she personally braved the rain to deliver it impeccably! The taste of everything was excellent - so well put together with the hibiscus flower and handwritten note to boot! I will definitely keep ordering this frequently!"


“Right from the presentation to the quality of ingredients and especially the rich taste of gourmet items curated into this platter, everything was perfect! Made my Sunday afternoon into a culinary delight. Trying out a charcuterie board for the first time couldn't have been better,

Check out the Starter Board for some wholesome, good-looking box of yummies. Thank you Starter Board!




What a beautiful venture!! Heartiest congratulations! The success of any food is measured by the time anyone takes to polish it off .... we barely took seconds!”

Major Aditi Mohan, review on The Snacker platter

”My Saturday Night special was this beautiful Starter board. Made my evening beautiful & special without any effort on my side except from Chilling the white wine It comes wrapped in cling film and butter paper to keep things fresh and tasty. Loved the dips, the special breads and especially the tea light that added to the experience. Thank you for the sweet note alongside. Good luck The Starter Board” 

Anita Sethi Ramakrishna, review on The Duo Platter


“Thank you  for curating this fabulous Snacker Platter, perfect one on a Friday night. All my best wishes for your venture”

Vasantha Vaikunth, review on The Snacker platter

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